Dr Angela Wolff

Doctor MoxieI’m a medically trained accountant with a PhD in Astrochemistry but would be better described as a serial dabbler with multiple full time interests including blogging, programming, allotment gardening, running, cold water swimming and powerlifting.

The interest list grows on a near daily basis as do the number of blogs set up to document them.

The main pseudonyms under which I write are Dr Moxie, warriorwoman, and earthwoman – they are introduced below.

Introduction to earthwoman

earthwoman blogThe earthwoman blog is where I tame my inner farmer. It includes tales of my general DIY and horticultural ineptitude. I keep plugging away as I want to grow my own food, live by the seasons and generally seek out The Good Life.

Eventually I intend earthwoman.co.uk to showcase our life on a smallholding but first we need to quit the rat race and find a plot of land where we can put some chickens and build a mud hut or maybe a Yurt.

In the meantime I still appear to be an accountant.

Introduction to warriorwoman

warriorwomenI am also occasionally referred to as warriorwoman, a rather grandiose misnomer. Under this pseudonym I complete outlandish running feats and generally get hot, knackered and sweaty.

It started with running but then I ventured into triathlon, open water swimming, long distance walking and now seem to be settling on powerlifting and tyre flipping, at least when my back isn’t playing up.

I freely admit that this is not a blog for the fainthearted.

Introduction to Dr Moxie

NHS ExcelDr Moxie is the wannabe geek side of me.

As Dr Moxie I write MS Excel tutorials, with a pivot table slant on ExcelPivots and with a healthcare focus on NHSExcel. I also write tutorials on any other technical subject matter that takes my fancy – usually something that has flummoxed me on the aptly named whatapalaver blog.