Tis the month of Janathon

I missed the midnight chimes this year, my new Garmin running watch hadn’t been set up correctly on Christmas Day so while I thought I had a few minutes to spare on the loo, everyone else was singing Auld Lang Syne in the front room.

A drunken start to JanathonDespite that slight hiccup, I can confirm that the rest of the New Year celebrations went according to tradition. We staggered away from the party a little worse for wear but still kitted up for the first run of Janathon – the annual event of daily running and blogging. It’s a complete chore if truth be told but it always seems like such a great idea in December when the scales are incrementing at a rate approximating a pound a day

My running performance wasn’t exactly stellar and I’m afraid my inebriation didn’t go anyway towards subduing my competitive spirit.

When I spotted the teenagers missing the turn off for a substantial shortcut home, I was imbibed with new vigour and endeavoured to run both faster and straighter. I cut them off only yards from the front door, shoved one of them into our neighbours garden and proudly declared myself the winner as I collapsed on the doorstep to let my brain spin freely.

Excerpt from Janathon Day 1

Only 29 more days to go and I’m already struggling.