My Famous Raspberry Pi Controlled iPad

My latest Raspberry Pi post has become my most popular tutorial todate, thanks to a re-posting by adafruit industries who celebrate pi inspired Fridays. I’m currently averaging 60 views per hour which is very exciting.

Raspberry PiAfter the frustrations of the first few days I am now coming on in leaps and bounds with theRaspberry Pi. Today I managed to set up my iPad so it can take control of the RPi. This means that the Raspberry Pi can be tucked away in corner, running headless while the iPad seizes control so I can make use of its keypad and monitor.

This means that I can now log on to RPi from anywhere that I have internet access – my main desire for doing this is so that I can run python and start learning to program from the mobile convenience of my iPad.

To finish reading the tutorial, check out the whatapalaver post showing how to connect your iPad to your Raspberry Pi.