Remote Controlling the Raspberry Pi from an iPad or iPhone

I recently published a popular post detailing a way to successfully connect your Raspberry Pi to your iPad. When I first set this up my main goal was to use the iPad as a useful display option and make use of the built in keyboard. This would make me more popular at home as I wouldn’t need to steal the keyboard from the main PC or force the kids to watch me programming on the wide screen telly.

The earlier tutorial demonstrates how to set up and SSH and VNC connection between your Raspberry Pi and your iPad when both are on the same local network – i.e. you are stuck at home. When I discovered the joy of the Raspberry on my iPad, I wanted to take it with me so I could access during my lunch break at work. This requires a little more faff as I need to tell my router to allow access to the Raspberry Pi from an external network.

I’ve recently changed my network configuration and had to go through the process of setting this all up again, so I’ve taken the opportunity to publish another stage 2 tutorial explaining the process for setting up the network to allow remote control of a Raspberry Pi while away from home. […]

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